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swiss watches, no one knows, and they are swiss top sports watch expensive. But the watch industry is not born and raised in Switzerland. At the end of the 16th century, the French religious struggle led to a massacre. The Huguenots who followed Calvin fled to Switzerland and brought the technology of making watches. This combination of French craftsmanship and the local gold and silver jewellery industry has led to the swiss watchmaking industry. From the production to the assembly process, we enjoy the full freedom of innovation, creating a masterpiece of global watchmaking that is praised by the world's experts. The swiss vision of sports watches is excellent. With its extraordinary professional skills and adhering to the tradition of high-quality innovation, swiss sports watches have beyond More than 80 technical patents. The appearance of the swiss sports watch can be checked from the case, the watch, swiss sports watch the dial and the hands. The watch of the swiss sports watch should be angularly symmetrical, without scratches and blisters, and the back cover and case should be tightly screwed together. The position of the two pairs of holes in which the strap spring is installed should be centered and not biased, and the depth is appropriate, so that the table spring is not easy to fall off. The surface of the watch should be smooth and transparent, without scratches and defects. The plating of the dial and the hands should be bright, and the minute and second lines of the dial and the luminous points should be finished. The sensitivity of a swiss sports watch is the sooner or later the watch's balance wheel starts. If the watch is not over-stringed, if it is shaken gently, the second hand will stop quickly after starting, or only the second and third springs will be started. The second hand will start to move, which indicates that the watch has a clockwork and a second hand. Just start moving, indicating the sensitivity of this table. High-frequency fast (pendulum) watches because of the stiffness of the hairspring, it takes a few more seconds to move around. This is a normal phenomenon, not a low sensitivity. watch is no longer just a tool of he best swiss sports watch time, it gradually evolves into a fashionable accessory! There are many swiss watch brands, and one can represent you.