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sports watches are people who can wear in various sports and have the functions needed for one or several professional sports. It can provide detailed data to the environment during your exercise, and it has the meaning of auxiliary swiss sports watch quartz guidance for the athletes. More specifically, the outdoor watch is not just a watch, but more like a high-tech instrument. Compared with ordinary watches, outdoor watches have four powerful functions: air pressure prediction, height, heart rate and compass, in addition to waterproof, shockproof, anti-collision and anti-friction. In addition, other value-added functions may also have tidal map display and computer. Emerging functions such as operation and GPS. The current popular outdoor watches are made of high-quality stainless steel, titanium alloy, aluminum alloy, rubber, carbon fiber, ceramic alloy, etc. The choice of different materials can highlight the unique personality of the user. [Motion] swiss sports watch original ETA-2892 automatic mechanical movement; this movement is accurate when walking, inside the automatic energy storage balance, no battery, just wear it every day and never stop.   [Function] Timing, calendar, waterproof, shockproof, antimagnetic   [Material] The whole swiss sports watch prices watch is made of SS316L steel, which is guaranteed to be non-fading.   [Surface] 100% sapphire crystal level, motor type 9 (never wear) At present, only swiss sports watch diamond can reach the level 10; the hand uses Traser technology, professional watchmaking technology, waterproof, dustproof crown design   [size] dial diameter 37mm   [flag] surface, watch back, strap, knob   [Advantages] This swiss sports watch can keep you beautiful and eye-catching for a long time in daily wear, often with new ones; accurate timing, beautiful appearance, wrist design, light weight, noble and elegant, is a symbol of the identity of successful people in modern society. Intimate design, fully fit your wrist function] timing, calendar   The original imported 316L steel case, never rust, with the hand, the symbol of wealth, but also add a charm to you!  Strap full stainless steel bracelet, never rust, never fade.   The mirror surface is made mens swiss sports watch of imported sapphire mirror, and the Mohs hardness is 9 (diamond 10) and never wears.   Logo strap, buckle, movement, surface, table button, etc.   Size male model diameter: 39mm, thickness about 10mm   Performance waterproof 100 meters, shockproof, anti-magnetic only 600$ can have!