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swiss sports retro watch World public price: $1,200 watch the review: This year's new chronograph is equipped with a swiss sports retro watch 400B automatic chronograph movement. In particular, the case is made of ceramic aluminum, which not only has the lightness of ceramics and aluminum, but also has hardness and is not easily broken. This new material gives the watch a cool finish and superior performance. In addition, this watch is also a special model launched in cooperation with Land Rover, so the color difference is different from the past. The strap is sewn with blue and red two-tone threads, the small seconds hand is also red, the blue is at the 6 o'clock swiss sports retro watch, and the large dial looks very atmospheric, with sharp pointers and scales that are sharp. Of course, it is worth mentioning that this is an ultra-thin watch with a thickness of only 7.58 mm and an automatic watch, so this watch is very real, and it is biased towards the traditional retro black and white color, as well as the sports watch only It can measure the heart rate function of the steps and is suitable for young business men. Can be described as a beautiful sports watch slowly Baroque. Therefore, it is very dynamic in design and "black technology". Summary: Some watches use time to watch, some watches are used to set off wealth, and some watches are used to change people's personality. Obviously, these watches with their own unique features are unusual, but not unusual. They are ideal for those who want to find a sense of jumping but who are not willing to leave the classics in 1841 to inherit the tradition of swiss watchmaking. It has promoted the art of watchmaking that has been painstaking for more than 260 years. It creates a new world of watchmaking worlds, creates a new field, combines swiss classical watchmaking art with modern aesthetics to create a unique style. Switzerland's most unique watch collection. swiss sports retro watch focuses on the infinite attention to detail and the more complex micromechanical miracle of precision and creativity, successfully swiss top sports watch spreading reputation and reputation to the rest of the world. So which one is the most unique watch, which one is more popular? Switzerland's famous tourist attractions, the Eiger, the Pinnacle and the Jungfrau, known as the top of Europe, stand in the heart of Switzerland and are part of the Alps. It is a precious natural heritage shared by Switzerland, Europe and the world. There are many historical stories. Maybe I love this land, maybe in the evening of the moon, walking along the foot of the lake, influenced by the beautiful scenery, the designer's most unique watch, decided to condense this iconic beautiful landscape into square inches. On the best sport watches 2019 dial, from then on, another beautiful and unique watch was born.