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This year, the swiss sport watches collection swiss sport watches logo adds a new masterpiece, the multi-functional sports chronograph. This watch combines sporty style with exquisite craftsmanship. The exterior combines the classic elements and sporting elements of the fashion trend collection, giving the fashion trend. The connotation of the inheritance and inheritance of sports and the modern sports style. The interior is equipped with a fully automatic mechanical movement, which provides long-term kinetic energy storage, allowing you to enjoy the dynamic movement and bring you the “speed and passion” on your wrist.        The Sydney Harbour Bridge is known as the grand bridge of the world's first single-hole arch bridge. swiss sports watch It is like a long rainbow across the bay, and it is very magnificent, attracting countless people to climb. Inspired by the classic design and structure of the bridge, the swiss sport watches collection inherits the sporting spirit that has dared to break through and challenge in the big industrial era, and has achieved a strong and dynamic swiss sport watches collection.        The swiss sport watches multi-function mens swiss sports watch sports chronograph watch with a diameter of 44 mm highlights the brilliance of the Sydney Harbour Bridge. The dial follows the classic vertical Geneva ripples of the swiss sport watches best sport watches 2019 collection, as if the waves under the Harbour Bridge are constantly surging. Dynamic. The watch is displayed with a mid-second chronograph hand and a minute counter at 3 o'clock; a small seconds at 9 o'clock, a red dial with red hands, a white scale with red, and a swiss sport watches Adds euphoria and convenience for readings. The edge is equipped with an aluminum brake speed measuring ring. This additional feature allows you to easily measure speed and enjoy the speed and fun of speed. With a super-dynamic appearance and a fully automatic mechanical movement, the support of long-moving energy storage makes the multi-function timekeeping more durable and powerful, providing you with a steady stream of kinetic energy for your indulgence in life.