swiss sports watch


swiss Sport watch Designed For Outdoor sports in Limited Edition

sports watches are different from our common ordinary watches. They have better waterproof, shockproof and anti-drop features, as well as powerful functions such as air pressure prediction, height, heart rate and compass. Some also have special functions such as tidal map display and computer operation. . Today, sports watches are not just a watch, more like a high-tech instrument. swiss sports watches have long been committed to the design and development of GPS products, with a concise and firm belief: to provide innovative and convenient products to enhance the quality of life of customers, only to create today's global satellite positioning navigation system leading brand Garmin. In the design and production of sports watches, it is also useful for high technology. This swiss sports watch is one of them! Product Type: sports watch        Storage capacity: 200 hours of running data        Screen resolution: 180×180        GPS function: GPS receiver black swiss sports chip: high sensitivity receiving core        Other functions: operation interface: Chinese and English interface display        WLAN function: Wi-Fi        Bluetooth function: support Bluetooth BLE               Main parameters: support distance calculation, automatic circle counting swiss sports watch function, current speed, average speed and maximum speed, can accurately display data such as clockwise heart rate, average heart rate, maximum heart rate, maximum heart rate percentage, etc.        Other features: support dual time zone display, sports waterproof watche outdoor adventures. Its rugged design combines modern technology with functionality and ease of operation. support alarm and sleep function, waterproof function        Battery type: rechargeable lithium battery        Use time: training mode 10 hours / watch mode 6 weeks        Product size: 45*45*12.5mm        Reference price: 680$ Wireless connection to the watch. Through gps positioning, you mens swiss sports watch can choose a variety of training modes, including time, mileage, heart rate, calorie consumption, etc. can be recorded and displayed. This watch can also measure the altitude-machine pressure according to the change of air pressure, or determine whether the storm is coming according to the sudden change of air pressure. The gps can be used to measure the latitude and longitude of the time and the sunrise and sunset time of the day, as well as the powerful three-dimensional compass function. It is a powerful field sports watch. It also has a sapphire mirror, and finally there is something that other brands can't match, that is, he can work normally in extreme weather conditions such as minus 20 degrees Celsius.